This residential project required construction of a new mezzanine deck whilst digging down to form a new kitchen/diner at basement garden level.

It was £100k + project requiring a lot of structural work before finishes could be added.  Due to the lack of rear access the basement required hand-digging and six skips were filled one wheelbarrow at a time.  Then a lot of propping was required to safely support the existing structure whilst new steel was bolted into place.  Acoustic and thermal insulation was used extensively to meet building regs and provide suitable comfort levels, and a new rooflight was added for light and interest.  Underfloor heating, liquid screed and 1200x1200mm ceramic tiles completed the lower floor, whilst engineered walnut was used to finish the stair treads and mezzanine living level.  All new plastering, bespoke timber bookshelves and wall detailing were created on site.

Steel and glass balustrades and stair structure was used to great effect to create a contemporary style with a bespoke kitchen with quartzstone worktops finishing the room to a beautiful standard.